Eider duck nesting in Iceland

Embrace the luxury of nature

The ultimate in sustainability, warmth, and luxury, Icelandic eiderdown is the product of Icelanders’ unique kinship with nature.

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Icelanders sorting eiderdown

Icelandic Eider farmers

The eider is a wild animal, so Icelandic eider farmers are not "farmers" in the traditional sense. Instead, they are caretakers of the birds’ environments and nesting sites. They harvest the downy feathers that the females shed from their breasts to line their nests once they are no longer needed by the birds or their young.

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Iceland eiderdown duvet hanging on clothesline
Icelandic children with eiderdown

Sustainable Luxury

What sets Icelandic eiderdown apart from other natural and synthetic products? Beyond its scientifically proven insulating properties and the traceability of every Icelandic eiderdown product, it is the history of eiderdown cultivation in Iceland makes it a truly exceptional resource.

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